It is something I often say, but I mean it. It is nice to meet new people, and those that live in the Kimberley Region are some of the nicest (and purest) in Australia. Why wouldn’t they be? They live in what many refer to as the last great wilderness in Australia. That has to keep you grounded and connected to what is important.  

As we travelled along the Gibb River Road, we stopped in to say hello to Neville and Leonie from ‘Over the Range’. This beautiful husband and wife team offer the only dedicated full time tyre and mechanical service along the Gibb. They are sometimes called to help us out with new tyres, so it was nice to pop in and say thanks for their help this year.  

A little further down the road we called in to Mt Barnett Roadhouse. If you drive down the Gibb, you HAVE to stop in for one of their burgers. I didn’t eat for the rest of the day! They offer ‘the works’ burgers (be prepared!), vegetarian options and even fish burgers. The Roadhouse is also a great place to stock up on some provisions. They have fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen meats and groceries. Just bear in mind there is no alcohol for sale at any roadhouse along the Gibb. There is fresh water at Mt Barnett though, so you can fill your water tanks. 

Once we finished restocking and refuelling tummies (and fuel tank), it was time to head down to Manning Gorge (camp fees need to be paid at the Roadhouse). If you ask someone from the Western Kimberley “which is your favourite gorge?”, you will often be told it is Manning Gorge. Known for its large pools and early season waterfalls, this place is most spectacular in the morning sun. It is a 3km walk/climb in to the gorge, so best to avoid the heat of the day and tackle it nice and early.